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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Madonna's daughter Lourdes, 15, smoking cigarette

Lourdes Leon looks to be picking up some of her mom Madonna's bad habits.
She's only 15, but Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, is the subject of a smokin’ hot photo — of her lighting up a smoke.

The La Guardia High School student was snapped over the weekend enjoying a cigarette while out with pals in Manhattan.

Wearing a black-and-white dress, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and sporting a nose ring, the Material Girl’s girl appeared to puff like she’d done it before.

The pic of Lourdes taking a drag has spanned the globe, appearing in newspapers as far away as London.

The snapshot went viral on the same day Lourdes’ mom’s video for her song “Girl Gone Wild” was banned on YouTube.

In it, Madonna is seen taking a pull from a cigarette, but YouTube gave it the boot because of shots of male dancers whose rear ends were exposed.

In a Sirius XM radio interview with Larry Flick, Madonna said she plans to take Lourdes on her summer tour.

“I have to keep my eye on her,” she said. The iconic singer, who praised her daughter’s vocal contribution on her song “Little Star,” might want to lecture her daughter about how smoking can spoil her pipes. She plays the piano beautifully.

She’s an incredible singer,” Madonna said. “But she’s going through that ‘I-don’t-want-anyone-to-notice-me phase.

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