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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brooklyn - Fight Ends in Deadly L Train Accident

Joshua Basin, 20, died Friday night after being hit by a subway train.

A LaGuardia Community College student was killed by a Brooklyn subway train Friday, after a boozed-up straphanger started a fight and the the tussle spilled onto the tracks.

Joshua Basin, 20, was riding an eastbound L train to go to his girlfriend's house in Long Island when a drunken man began berating him and his two friends before the Bedford Ave. stop in Williamsburg, sources and a friend said. [The suspect remained at large, and police released a sketch Saturday evening, seen below.]

When the train stopped, Basin and his pals got out of the train - but the suspect attacked him on the platform about 10 p.m., cops and family said.

"There was some kind of drunk person," said Basin's heartbroken mother, Zena Basin. "The guy was fighting with him. The guy kept coming at him and they both fell."

As Basin tried to defend himself, the pair dropped to the tracks on the opposite side - just as a Manhattan-bound train came barreling into the station, cops sources and family said.

The suspect, believed to be a white man in his early 30s, climbed back onto the platform and ran away. But Basin couldn't manage to pull himself out in time and was struck by the train, cops and his mother said.

"He ran away," the weeping mother said of the suspect. "He left my son dead."

Basin was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, but he could not be saved.

His devastated mother clutched a picture of her only child at the family's Howard Beach, Queens, home as tears welled in her eyes.

"My only son," she said. "I need to find out why anyone would do this to my loving son."

She said Joshua was born a twin, but the only to survive. She said the junior psychology major was planning a night out with friends when the tragic altercation sparked on the train.

"He wasn't a fighter," she said. "He would never hurt anyone. He was a good boy."

Cops were still hunting for the suspect. Investigators were poring over surveillance video at the station, but have not yet found any footage of the suspect, a source said.

"Whoever did this to my son needs to turn himself in," the mother said. "I need to find out why he did that to my son.

Man killed by train after fight:

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