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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girl Gets Knife Past Airport Security, Takes Pictures Of It On Plane

After a shocking photo of the knife one girl accidentally snuck on an airplane went viral on the social news site reddit, uploader sambojomo took to the comments section to clear the air and explain herself.

"For the record," sambojomo wrote after posting the photo on the social news website, "I was on an international flight and went through the x-ray scan, a manual inspection and customs before I went into my purse to get some eye drops and realized that I had forgotten to pack my knife in my checked luggage."

Amidst a few comments expressing concern, some commenters revealed they'd been through similar situations in the past.

"I've gotten through security with a knife as well," reddit user macsr4idiots wrote. "It was the summer of 2002 and I accidentally packed my dop kit in my carry on instead of my checked bag, I got through security with a sheathed 5 in knife and a shaving razor..."

While knives are pretty serious, there are a few items on the TSA's no-carry-on list that are slightly entertaining. For example: hockey sticks, ice skates, cattle prods, and gel shoe inserts are not permitted past TSA security.

Which forbidden item would you remove from the list?
Check out what people say is the weirdest thing taken from the TSA before boarding a flight in the slideshow below the photos.

(Source: Huffington Post)


  1. It can be done, as I did discover when just before entering the X-ray walk-through of a major Australian Airport with a clasp knife in my pocket.
    I quickly enclosed the clasp-knife in a cigarette packet and tossed my pocket contents on top and sent it through the scanner: all clear and so it was.

  2. I keep a box cutter in my pocket at all times to open pckgs. Have gone through security many times having forgotten to leave it at home and sailed through security every time