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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Search Continues in Israel for Shloime Ariel

Police are calling on the public for assistance as Yahud resident, 32-year-old Shloime Ariel, married and the father of one remains missing. Shloime was last seen on March 10, 2012 leaving his home at about 06:30. A few hours later he was seen in Moshav Barkat and from there, he simply vanished.

Following are excerpts from a letter for assistance that is circulating in an effort to find Shloime.

The following letter is being sent by “Mike” Yekutiel Ben Yaakov, Commander of the Israeli Fire Dept. Canine Search and Rescue unit, known as Y.A.L.A.M, kalbanim Yosh.:


Attached you will find an article and a notice about the search for Shlomo Ariel of Yehud, who went missing near the Koach Intersection, some 7 kilometers East of his home.

Shlomei was last seen, Friday, 11 days ago, walking in a disoriented fashion, without shoes and without a shirt or jacket in the general direction of Rantis, an Arab village on the border of the “Green Line.” He was last seen approximately 3 kilometers from the “border fence”, in a military firing-zone, after climbing into the zone from Highway 6, not far from the Koach Intersection.

Shortly after he was last spotted, there was a rain storm.

He was never seen again.

Our unit was called in to search for him as was the Oketz unit, police and many volunteers, family and friends. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Shlomei went missing in a military firing zone, much of the searches have been called off and on due to military training and firing.

We have arranged for a two day search this coming Friday and Shabbat, and the area will be open for searching without interruption from Friday morning until Sat night.

We have also arranged to fly in two rescue experts from Holland who will be aiding us in the search and who will be bringing two additional SAR (search and rescue) and Cadaver dogs to join us and our 4 SAR dogs.

We desperately need additional volunteers when we sweep the area, so as to cover the entire firing zone if necessary, because we may not have another opportunity to shut down the firing zone, and because every day that passes, reduces the chances of finding Shlomei alive.

Various Torah scholars including Rabbi Dov Lior have ruled that we are allowed to search on Shabbat if there is any chance that Shlomei may still be alive.

If you are able to volunteer and to forward this letter to additional people who might be able to volunteer in the search efforts, please do so and let us know if you can come.

We will be meeting Friday morning at the Koach Hill Junction, near the Cola Forest, off of highway 444 at 5:00 AM sharp Friday morning, the intersection is between Shoham and Elad. Let us know in advance if you are coming and if you can stay all day until 1 hour before Shabbat.

Also let us know if you can join us again at 5 AM on Shabbat morning, in the event that Shlomei is not found sooner.

Bring, backpack, sandwiches, water, boots, flashlight, raincoat and anything else you would need and call us to confirm 054-487-6709 – leave message if nobody answers and email back to

I can also be reached on my U.S. line 718-734-4686 or leave a message.

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