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Monday, September 16, 2013

Thompson Planning To Clean House At Brooklyn DA's Office; Top Hynes Staffers Planning Exits

Brooklyn, NY - Sources close to Brooklyn DA-elect Kenneth Thompson say he is set to purge any remaining top Hynes staffers when he takes over January 1, 2014, causing many senior members to plan exit strategies early.

The NEW YORK POST reports that Thompson is also planning a few controversial hires, which is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of some outgoing Hynes staffers.

Among them is 49 year-old Ama Dwimoh, who ran the office’s crimes against children bureau until 2010 when she was fired by Hynes for allegedly issuing threats to interns.

Dwimoh is reportedly among the first to have urged Thompson to run against Hynes.

A current Hynes’ staffer said, “The thought of bringing Ama Dwimoh in to run things is just too much.”
Another said, “She had little patience for people who didn’t work as hard as she did.”

According to one source inside Hynes’ office, “Twenty senior executives will resign before they are asked to leave,” among them controversial prosecutor Michael Vecchione, who’s continued presence many claim may have cost Hynes the election.

“There is immeasurable rage against Michael Vecchione,” said a Hynes staffer.

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