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Saturday, September 28, 2013

NY Times: Court Documents Link Hatzalah CEO David Cohen To Met Council Scandal

                          William E. Rapfogel, left and Rabbi David Cohen

New York, NY - Multiple sources familiar with the case say that former Met Council head and predecessor to William E. Rapfogel, Rabbi David Cohen, is one of the two unnamed co-conspirators listed in the criminal case against the former chief executive.

THE NEW YORK TIMES reports that the complaint, read Tuesday at Criminal Court in Manhattan, charges that two unnamed co-conspirators one inside Met Council and the other with inside access to Century Coverage Corporation, the charity’s insurance broker conceived of the plan to bilk millions from Met Council through its insurance payments before Rapfogel’s tenure as council head.

According to sources, Century Coverage owner, Joseph Ross, is the other co-conspirator.
Cohen and Ross have yet to be criminally charged.

The complaint charges Rapfogel and the two co-conspirators with skimming more than $5M from Met Council over the course of the scam.

Cohen, who continued to work for Met Council as a consultant after yielding to Rapfogel in 1992, was terminated by the charity at the same time Rapfogel was, but his dismissal flew largely under the radar due to the high profile coverage of Rapfogel’s firing.

Cohen is currently chief executive of the volunteer ambulance service Chevra Hatzalah.

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