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Sunday, September 29, 2013

NY - Past Affiliations With Anti-Semitic Groups Raise Questions For De Blasio

New York, NY - Decades-old affiliations with anti-Semitic groups are raising questions for Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, most notably his time spent in Nicaragua in 1988, where the Sandinista-controlled government openly persecuted Jews.

The NEW YORK POST reports that Jewish leaders say that Nicaragua’s tiny Jewish population of about 250 was constantly threatened by the repressive Sandinista regime, which confiscated private Jewish property, while openly supporting Yasser Arafat’s PLO.

Persecution and the threat of imprisonment caused many Jews to flee the country.

According to records, de Balsio arrived in Nicaragua at the age of 26, in a humanitarian capacity to help distribute food and medicine.

On the subject, de Blasio said recently, “They had a youthful energy and idealism mixed with a human ability and practicality that was really inspirational.”

Campaign spokesman Dan Levitan said there was “no connection” between de Blasio’s humanitarian efforts and the anti-Semitism practiced by the Sandinistas.

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