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Monday, September 23, 2013

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef put on respirator as health declines

Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's health took a turn for the worse on Monday, as doctors put him on a respirator  just days after he had a peacemaker inserted and underwent dialysis.

Rabbi Yosef is being treated in Hadassah University Hospital in Ein Karem. A spokeswoman from the hospital said: "Due to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's deteriorating respiratory condition, it was decided to provide him with preventative respiratory support. His condition is otherwise the same. "

Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri called on everyone, secular and religious, man and woman, to pray for the health of the party's spiritual leader.

Rabbi Yosef, 93, has suffered recently from a series of health problems. After undergoing back surgery, he began to suffer from problems with his heart and lungs. He was hospitalized several times in the last month.

The name “Chaim” has been inserted. Please be mispallel for:

מרן רבי חיים עובדיה יוסף  בן גורג’יה לרפואה שלימה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל

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