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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Monsey - Off-Duty Cops Are "No Shows" After Requesting Poll Inspector Assignments At Jewish Locations

Monsey, NY - A group of seven area off-duty police officers failed to report to their reassigned locations after their requests to work as poll inspectors at a predominantly Orthodox Jewish voting station in Monsey were denied. reports that numerous complaints citing suspicions of possible voter intimidation by the officers ultimately led to their requests being denied.

According to Republican Rockland County Election Commissioner, Louis Babcock, the seven off-duty cops, all registered Republicans, and most employed by the Clarkstown PD, successfully completed a poll inspectors certification seminar on Sept. 4, and subsequently requested to be assigned to the poll at Yeshivath Viznitz, at 230 Maple. Ave. in Monsey.

Sources said the group of seven expressed concerns over possible voter fraud at the Monsey location.

Complaints began to filter in once news of the off-duty officers’ plans circulated, ultimately causing election officials to reassign the seven to polls in their home districts.

After being reassigned, none of the seven reported for duty at their new locations.

“They never showed,” said Babcock.

County Legislator Philip Soskin, who represents voters in the Maple Ave. neighborhood, said it is wrong to target a specific group, and that he addressed the issue when it was raised months ago.

“I said, send police to all polling places…if there is a suspicion of wrongdoing, the suspicion should not only be in Monsey but across Rockland County,” Soskin said.

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