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Monday, September 30, 2013

NYC - Shocking moment Bikers terrorize family in high-speed chase

The unbelievable moment a Range Roger driver who was surrounded by motorbikes sped off over the top of them apparently killing at least one person, has been caught on film.

The footage was captured on a helmet camera of a motorcyclist during an annual bikers' event in New York City.

Posted this morning, the film shows a black Range Rover being surrounded by bikers as they speed along at close proximity to each other and the car.

At the start of the six-minute film, it appears one motorcyclist brakes in front the the car and gets bumped by it.

The scores of bikers then slow and stop, all looking back to see what damage has been done. At least one motorcyclist gets off his bike and begins to stride over to the car.

But as he nears, the Range Rover accelerates suddenly knocking over bikes and motorcyclist, and powering over the top of them.

The driver speeds away, but immediately the angry bikers follow it and it takes a matter of seconds for them to catch up.

The footage shows them following the vehicle for several minutes, at times getting close and intimidating the driver.

The group of bikers take Exit 14, on route 95, following signs for the Cross Bronx Expressway and passing the sign for Henry Hudson Parkway, before they traffic begins to slow.

The bikers again surround the vehicle, blocking its path and it's forced to stop.

Sezing an opportunity to confront the driver, one biker dismounts and tries to open the door. As soon as he does, the Range Rover driver again speeds off, knocking down at least one more motorcyclist.

The driver heads off on route 95 heading north towards the Cross Bronx Expressway, then taking the W 176 SI which leads into a built-up area with heavy traffic.

Forced to stop at traffic lights, the Range Rover comes to a standstill, and within seconds two bikers are off their vehicles and attacking the driver's side windows.

The first takes off his helmet and smashes it against the driver's door window, smashing it; the second tries to punch through the rear door window.

The footage then stops.

The video was posted by a biker, under the name GIXXARDR on Liveleaks, from Melbourne, Australia, this morning.

Already it has received numerous comments, most are in support of the Range Rover driver
One person, who's profiles name is Sgt Pepper, says:  'I would do exactly the same thing

They're intimidating him and he's probably fearing for his life.'

Another, known as 'zacarra' says the driver acted in 'self defense'.

'Did you see the biker break (sic) check him in the beginning. This poor guy was running for his life from the start,' zacarra writes.

A comment left by 'badmother2' questions: 'I want to know 2 things: 1) What happened before filming started. Why did the bikers pick on this guy exactly? 2) What happened after filming stopped???'

One commenter, 'pixiesprimecut,' claimed the driver was beaten into a coma.

According to 'meathead12' it was 'justifiable': 'Only a fool would stick around to be pulled out of his car and lynched by 100 bikers.'

'charlesferg' says the NYC has now banned the riders' annual event.

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