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Monday, September 9, 2013

Satmar (Zalonim) Leader Denies Endorsing Disgraced Vito Lopez For Council

In a daily newsletter, distributed in all of the local synagogues across Brooklyn, the congregation of Kehal Yetav Lev calls upon all of its congregates to vote for their choices for mayor and City Council.

“We can’t afford to lose,” Satmar leaders plea in “a heartfelt appeal to understand the situation and recognize the vital importance of acting at this critical moment.”

“It’s an historic responsibility. 

We cannot and we must not let our ‘askanim’ (community leaders), who’re sacrificing their lives for our benefit, fall,” the announcement reads.

UPDATE: In a phone-call with Rabbi Moshe David Niederman, one of the leaders in the Satmar community, denied his congregation endorsing Mr. Lopez. “Nobody authorized this flyer. 

This looks like a prank by a group seeking to embarrass our community,” he said. Rabbi Niederman further said that the only endorsement that counts are the five names officially recognized by Kehal Yetav Lev, and that the leader in the community have decided not to stay out of the 34th Council race.

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