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Monday, September 16, 2013

Video: Arab Attacks Jewish Man Unprovoked In Healthcare Clinic Waiting Room

Jerusalem - A Jewish man fell victim to an unprovoked attack last week when an Arab man, for no apparent reason, walked across the floor of a health clinic waiting room and slammed the Jewish man in the head. reports that the attack took place in the predominantly Arab northern village of Ibillin.

Video surveillance of the waiting room showed a delayed response from multiple witnesses, who first ushered the Arab man back to his seat, while subsequently tending to the Jewish man who lay dazed on the floor.

According to reports, the Jewish man was transported to a local hospital fro treatment.

Itamar Ben Gvir, an attorney representing the Jewish man, said one can only imagine what would have happened if the roles were reversed, and Jewish man had struck an Arab unprovoked in a predominantly Jewish town.

“President Peres would have issued a harsh denouncement, Tzipi Livni would have proposed new laws and the chief rabbis would have come to visit,” said Gvir. “But when a Jew is attacked, it’s as if nothing 
happened and hypocrisy rules. We demand that the full force of the law be brought against the attacker and I recommend to the victim to file a civil suit.”

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