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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tel Aviv - 2 charged with rape of American stewardess in TA hotel

Two Haifa residents, ages 24 and 26, were indicted Wednesday for the rape of an American flight attendant in a Tel Aviv hotel last week. They are being charged with rape and sodomy.

According to the indictment, the woman and a her friend were on a night out at the Tel Aviv Port where they met the two defendants. 

The group partied in a nightclub where they also drank alcohol. At around 2 am, the woman fell ill and was looking for a way to get back to her hotel, having run out of money and unable to find her friend.

The two defendants drove her back to the hotel, and escorted her into her room. 

They stayed with her despite the fact that she asked them leave and let her sleep as she was not feeling well.

The two assaulted her while she was changing clothes in the shower and proceeded to rape her.

According to the woman, two other people showed up at her hotel room at one point during the night but did not have any sexual contact with her.

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