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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kosher food to be offered at Fort Lauderdale airport

Chef Allen's 2 Go in Hollywood, in conjunction with Kosher Central in Hollywood, are combining to offer a line of pre-wrapped, kosher meals at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, expected to begin Sept. 24.

Chef Allen's 2 Go Kosher will be a part of Chef Allen's 2 Go's set-up as a wall of refrigerators in Terminal 3, Concourse F of the airport, which features Jet Blue. The set-up is beyond the security area.

The idea took root at the urging of Jean-Pierre Turgot, general manager of Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services — the sole food and beverage provider at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport.

Turgot went to Chef Allen Susser, owner of Chef Allen's 2 Go, and asked him to develop a line of kosher to-go products. Susser, in turn, approached Joseph Gopin, manager of Kosher Central, to provide the kosher meals. Their collaboration will be launched in just a couple of weeks.

The introduction of the Chef Allen's 2 Go Kosher product line took place on Sept. 12 and will offer a selection of kosher turkey and tuna salad sandwiches, Mediterranean and Caesar salads and a variety of gourmet muffins. Each of the products will be individually wrapped and sealed with designated kosher labeling.

Susser said that it's a good thing the kosher products are going through his business because he's been established at the airport for about four years and people feel comfortable buying from him.

"Kosher food is not just good because of religious observance," Susser said. "There's a higher standard of health and nutrition. Think of how many years these regulations have been in place. A lot of people are going to want to eat with us."

Gopin said he was honored to be part of the partnership and is looking forward to a very successful venture.

"There are not many airports providing kosher meals," Gopin said. "The nearest one is JFK Airport in New York. Once we get going here in Hollywood, we may want to expand this business."

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