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Monday, September 27, 2010

In New York, Ahmadinejada drinks with friends of Obama

Obama's wife and that of Farakhan

Picture this: a luxurious hotel located in the heart of "the most Jewish city in the world" (New York - a term used by Ahmadinejad in the past), to a mere 200 meters from the Israeli consulate in Big Apple. On a leather sofa pig, surrounded by young Yankee ecstasies before a Beaujolais. But Ahmadinejad does not touch it. Him, he is hungry. Its sticky fingers, it put a "Freedom Fries" in his mouth ("freedom fries" is the name given to fries called "French fries" until Villepin refuses to uphold the values of the West and turn Saddam's dictatorship). He closes his eyes. He relishes. "Ah," he said, "do they know something the U.S. is a lot of chips! Unable to find as good here! "

Then, in a move that will surprise his host, he will propose to prick a few. The host refused. Ahmadinejad insists. The host uses. Ahmadinejad is delighted to see her powers of persuasion work on the host. He said if he could force him to take a fry, it will perhaps be forced to push an even more Barak Obama to a conclusion that only the ayatollahs and Israel seem to know: "Nuclear Iran". An Iran unassailable, both on human rights and militarily. Saudi Arabia does what he wants with oil. China does what it wants with its billion people. Iran will do what it likes with his bomb.

If the beginning of this story is pure fiction, the second part is totally true. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has just spent six nights in a hotel in downtown New York and actually 200 meters from the Israeli Consulate. Among the highlights of the night U.S., a secret meeting with the spiritual mentor of Barack Hussein Obama, the most famous Muslim in the world after Osama bin Laden. It's in the Master Suite of the hotel that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has met with Louis Farrakhan ...

The two men shared a meal on the sly ... Taking advantage of the dessert to enter the room a few activists of the New Black Panther Party. At this moment, the Warwick Hotel located on West 54th Street became the capital of the world plots for at least an hour.

During the meal which we know little, we still learned (as the Black Panthers do not know silence) Ahmadinejad and Farrakhan have "long traded on the world's problems worldwide. They shared their theories about what is wrong. "

Recall that Farrakhan is the President of the Nation of Islam organization. A private organization that aims to highlight the superiority of Muslims over the world. An organization that Obama was a close there is still some time. According to historians, is that Farrakhan would have burned the house of Malcolm X when he joined the Nation of Islam because "it no longer fit" with his idea of Islam. " The wife of Malcolm X. Farrakhan even accused of murdering her husband.

On the Black Panthers, simply note that in France it Stellio Gilles Robert Capo-Chichi, who is the newly appointed president. After having been ashamed of his name, he changed his name to "KS" but a little too much like a brand of cat food (note the masculine), he once again changed to Kemiour Aarim Shabazz. Not enough to whip a shah ... What he wanted to!

Returning to our sheep, Ahmadinejad. Thursday night, Sudanese diplomats have, in turn, tried to get dinner on the go with Ahmadinejad at the Hilton East of Manhattan, on 42nd Street. But then, a significant security problem has occurred. At the hotel bar, two working-girl of 40 brushes coupet drank a champagne.

One of them drew the attention of the Security Service of the little Nazi Iran. Suddenly, eight Iranian furious surrounded the beautiful. The eight, thinking in Iran, began by ordering the infidel from the hotel but she refused. Unfortunately, they could start stoning Express in the lobby of the hotel, so they called the hotel management. The boss arrived. Suddenly, the woman stood up and shouted "you're stoned my sister! You are murderers! "

Then the paranoia was honored at the Hilton when the president was to her apartment on Sept. 18. His team had booked six entire floors in the south tower of the hotel. In total, 90 doubles, triples or suites. Over 20 room only for security.

Because, say a truth that no one has said, this is not his bags, which would take place in the hotel. No, Ahmadinejad focused all week exactly the same costume with the exact same shirt (cf. photo below - 19 and September 21). Yet Ahmadinejad, who was wearing the same dress shirt and tights all week, took every precaution. He never set foot in the lobby. Bullet-proof glass was installed on bedroom windows.

19 and 21 September 2010.A about security, we really wonder what he was afraid to New York. All the intelligence in the world were upon him. Not bad security service elsewhere. And before his arrival, he demanded the establishment of bulletproof glass in the rooms of the host. In the lobby as well. A hall where he has never actually set foot, directly through the backdoor. At the entrance of employees, had established a huge white tent where you put all of its vehicles out of sight of passersby. And when he was no longer under this aunt, the security service covered his head with a white cloth so that no way can see it.

Question meal: Ahmadinejad was only allowed to eat in his room. Others to prove "they are eating well according to Iranian laws," so halal. So the menu, lamb shoulder, minced meat kebabs and basmati rice. All prepared by an Iranian restaurant in New York, delivered by the secret services, and tasted by who knows who (but you can imagine).

A U.S. journalist who was trying to learn more about the presence of Ahmadinejad in the hotel, an employee would have said: "Their food smelled the hotel. It stank everywhere. It was hell. "

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