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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jerusalem - 15 Yr Old Girl Engaged To Viznitz Chassidic Cousin

Jerusalem - Even longtime Chassidim are raising their eyebrows: A 16-year-old young man is engaged to his 15-year-old second cousin, both great grandchildren from ‘Chassidei Viznitz.” Thousands of members of the Viznitz Chassidic sect, one of the largest and wealthiest in the world, are expected to attend the festive wedding ceremony, which will take place in approximately another year.

The engagement ceremony in Bnei Brak attracted more attention than usual. Both sides are great-grandchildren of the same “Admor,” the title of the leader of a Chassidic group. But their ages also were a center of interest. The groom-to-be is Chaim Meir Hagar, who learns in a Viznitz yeshiva, and his future wife is 10th grader Hinda Rosenbaum, who learns in a hareidi religious school in Rehovot.

Although the young man and woman will be a year older next year, the engagement ceremony was held Wednesday night, an unusually long period before a hareidi religious wedding, due to the importance of the families.

the same story has also been reported in Israeli Hebrew newspaper Israel Hayom.

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