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Friday, May 27, 2011

Teen star Justin Bieber shows off his Hebrew tattoo

He's just 17 years old, but as a world-famous pop star Justin Bieber has seen more of the world than men twice his age.

And as he frolicked on the beach in Maui with his young starlet girlfriend, Disney star Selena Gomez, 18, with her arms and legs wrapped around him, he certainly seemed older than his years.

The baby faced singer has been enjoying a romantic vacation with Selena, staying in a $10,000 a night suite at the Four Seasons Hotel - apparently without the supervision of their parents, or minders.

The pair then enjoyed a splashing contest, before showing their adventurous sides with a jetski ride and flew above the sea on a parasail.

Justin took charge of the jetski, powering through the waves as his girlfriend clung to his waist at one point tenderly placing her hands on his shoulders.

The pairing of two such teen stars is a publicists dream. But while they are reportedly being supervised by their parents - they made sure to stay out of shot so as not to spoil the stunning pictures.

While on the parasail - which had a rather fitting smiley face design on it - they took their relationship to dizzying new heights.

The couple are reportedly staying in an exclusive $10,000-a-night suite at the Four Seasons resort.

According to website Hollywood Life: 'The pair are in the Maile Suite, a luxury palace on the seventh floor of the resort.

'The signature of the three bedroom suite is floor-to-ceiling windows which allow a magnificent ocean view.

The suite, which they're sharing with their parents, has three bedrooms and fives beds.

Special features include a 50-inch flat-screen television with DVD player, a stereo with CD player and a music and movie library, a marble master bathroom with a deep soaking tub with whirlpool and a separate eucalyptus rain shower.

The couple can also enjoy romatic meals in the elegant dining room which features an adjoining butler's kitchen. They also have their own 24-hour personal concierge.

Whether the youngsters are allowed to share a bed together is unknown, although with Justin being a minor it's doubtful their parents would allow such a thing.

However, Justin and Selena's time on the beach appears to be completely unsupervised.

At no point during their romantic day together did there seem to be any elders present - aside from their parasail ride of course.

The teens apparently spent most of their time together without minders or their parents.

But the holiday isn't all romance for the youngsters - both are accompanied by their parents, who were elsewhere as they enjoyed their trip to the beach.

As Justin cavorted with Selena, he revealed his two tattoos.

One, on his stomach, is the outline of the seagull from Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a tattoo he had done to match his father and uncle and mark his 16th birthday.

The other, on his torso, is in Hebrew.

As Bieber is aged under 18 he needed parental permission to get his tattoos.

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