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Sunday, December 4, 2016

50 Questions Meir Panim Donors Want Answered!

Last week T.O.T. Private Consulting published an article titled “25 questions Meir Panim donors want answered”.
Since there was no response from the charity in the past few weeks, we decided to add an additional 25 questions to that list.
This article is formatted with internet links so donors can fact check our findings. If after review, you have concerns about this charity, we ask you sign the petition requesting for full disclosure.
1.) Why do you hide a convicted felon David Birnbaum on your payroll to solicit donations both online and red carpet events?
2.) Please disclose the details of your executive director “David Birnbaum” felony case so donors have a chance to decide if they still want to donate to your charity.
3.) Is the Meir Panim Board of Directors aware of the perjury charges David Birnbaum would face if you would disclosure the truth? Is this the reason why you remaining silent when we continue to kindly ask you to provide documents of legitimacy?
4.) Please disclose a list of Meir Panim board members and principals since inception of charity. Also include the dates/years they were actively serving.

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