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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Portland, OR - Teen Arrested In Flight Ruckus Sang Of Bin Laden

Yazeed Mohammed Abunayyan starting shouting and trying to hit a flight attendant

Portland, OR - A Saudi Arabian teenager who authorities say swung his fist at a flight attendant and praised Osama bin Laden during a flight from Portland to Houston has appeared in court to hear the charges against him.

An attorney for 19-year-old Yazeed Mohammed A. Abunayyan (ah-boo-NYE-an) told a federal judge in Portland on Wednesday afternoon that he needs more time to meet with Abunayyan before he enters a plea.

Attorney Phil Lewis was hired to represent Abunayyan, but would not say who hired him.

Ashland police believe Abunayyan is the same teenager who led police on a slow-speed chase in the Southern Oregon town on Sunday, ramming two police cars and nearly hitting a pedestrian. He was accused of drunken driving and assaulting an officer. He was released on bail Monday.

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