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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NYPD officer arrested for DWI in his police cruiser.

Police Officer Christopher Morris, 31, was driving a marked squad car when he lost control and smacked into a light pole in East New York about 4 a.m., the sources said.

Officer Christopher Morris was busted in Brooklyn early Tuesday; Was leaving a fundraiser for slain Officer Peter Figoski

A boozed-up city cop who attended a fundraiser for slain Officer Peter Figoski ended up in handcuffs after he smashed a police cruiser into a light pole, sources said.

Police Officer Christopher Morris, 31, who was on duty and in uniform, was kicked out of a party at Lindenwood Diner in East New York after his bosses noticed he had been drinking too much, sources said.

The allegedly drunk officer was taken to the 75th Precinct and put on desk duty. But Morris somehow drove a marked cruiser back to the fundraiser a short time later, sources said.

“He got pretty bombed early in the evening, when the party started” a source said. “Somehow he ends up back at the party with the car and winds up crashing it.”

Morris got behind the wheel yet again to leave the party for a second time. He made it a few blocks, to the intersection of Schenck and Sutter avenues, before he slammed into a light pole, which fell onto a parked car.

He was later cuffed and charged with DWI and refusal to take a breath test, cops said.

Sources said other supervisors on duty could face disciplinary action.

Figoski, a 22-year veteran of the force, was killed Dec. 12 during a botched robbery in Cypress Hills. More than $2 million has already been donated to a scholarship fund for his four daughters’ college educations.


  1. The punishment officer Chris should receive should be double than the usual because he was supposed to be one of the ones that are trying every day to stop this drunk driving trend.
    He shouldn't wear those respectable clothes any more and maybe spend a few months in jail.

    I recently heard about a similar impaired driving Toronto case but I don't know what happened to that cop...I hope he's together with a murderer in a small room with bars.

    1. Julia, you have no idea what that officer was going through, quit being a fucking ass.

    2. Anonymous, whoever you are, you're great.