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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busted! Finnish President's Husband Caught Admiring More Than Just ....

Princess Mary turns and he knows he has been caught appearing to look at her chest at the state dinner in Copenhagen

Royal dinners can be tiresome occasions and sometimes the speeches are just not enough to hold your attention.

Pentti Arajarvi, the husband of the Finnish president Tarja Halonen, certainly thought so when he attended a state dinner in Copenhagen.

To pass the time the 63-year-old appeared to turn his attention to his neighbour's chest - who just happened to be Denmark's Princess Mary who was sat next to him.

The princess, wife of the Crown Prince of Denmark, was wearing a black low cut gown, tiara and an ornate necklace - which Mr Arajarvi could of course been admiring.

However, his sneaky glance was captured on film and has become an internet hit.

In the clip the 'first gentleman' of Finland is filmed appearing to stare at her chest area for several seconds before the Princess turns her head and catches him in the act.

She immediately covers her chest with her hand while appearing to glare at him.

An embarrassed Mr Arajarvi immediately averts his gaze turning his head in the opposite direction and then pretends to be looking at the ceiling.

The uncomfortable moment was filmed during a state dinner hosted by the Queen of Denmark in Copenhagen last month.

More than 12,000 people have now viewed the clip on Youtube.

One viewer posted a message underneath saying: 'He's only human.

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