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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Alleged Perp, 3 To 5 More Alleged Victims, At Camp Dora Golding

At least three separate campers made police complaints against one rabbi-staffer at Camp Dora Golding. These are in addition to the complaints made against Chisdai Ben Porat this past summer. 

But while Ben Porat was arrested and is being prosecuted, I'm told the complaintsabout another staffer did not result in a criminal prosecution due to an odd understanding of Pennsylvania law that essentially makes it the responsibility of the children and the prosecution to prove the abuser was getting sexual pleasure from the abuse.

For example, if a molester gropes a child's thigh or buttocks, say, and sleeps in the same bed with a the child and 'spoons' with him, that molester would not be prosecuted in that county unless the child was able to testify that the molester who did this was sexually aroused by doing so.

(In essence, if the molester does not orgasm on the child or in front of the child, or unless he is otherwise unmistakeably sexually aroused, he won't be prosecuted.)

That said, other information I have shows that the boys who made these complaints are believed to be telling the truth by social workers, therapists, police and prosecutors.

Despite the police complaints made by these three boys, haredi rabbis rushed to back the accused molester. One – the brother of a noted kanoi – even gave him a job as the head of a new yeshiva – but that yeshiva has still not opened.

On top of all this, there appears be two other alleged victims who have not yet come forward.

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