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Monday, November 25, 2013

Arkady Gaydamak arrested in Switzerland

According to a Luxembourg news site, Arcadi Gaydamak was arrested last week in Zurich in connection with the Galmor file, related to the controversial sale of a phosphate factory in Kazakhstan.

The site PaperJam reported that the police in Zurich confirmed that they have arrested a French-Israeli citizen with Russian ancestry, but did not provide Gaydamak's name.
Gaydamak's lawyer, Laurent Ries, said she has not been in contact with Gaydamak in recent days. "We were supposed to meet on Wednesday, but Gaydamak never made it, and we thought he flew from Zurich to Moscow because of health problems," she said.
Nahum Galmor was classified four years ago as Gaydamak's straw man in the oligarch's indictment in the Bank Hapoalim case. According to the indictment file, three senior managers of Poalim Trust Services Ltd., acted with Gaydamak and Galmor to allow Gaydamak to fraudulently purchase Dutch company Termopost, while hiding his identity as buyer of the purchase.

Galmor was presented as the buyer, and Gaydamak's $50 million for the purchase was offered as Galmor's money.

This was made possible by the Bank Hapoalim trust company's associates. They made illusive banking screens, which were presented to the shareholders of the Dutch company.

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