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Friday, November 22, 2013

Girl Who Filed Complaint Against Eyal Golan Goes Missing

Eyal Golan

Israel Police are currently looking for one of the underage girls who filed a complaint against famous singer Eyal Golan and his father, for allegedly having sex with minors.

The girl's family informed police she has not arrived at school or returned home in the last 48-hours. Meanwhile, Golan continued to undergo police questioning Friday morning.
The missing girl, 15.5, gave the police her version of the events about a week and a half ago. She told the police she had sexual relations with Danny Biton, Eyal Golan's father, who is suspected of arranging the sexual encounters for his son – as well as partaking in them himself. Both men vehemently deny the accusations.

Golan continued to undergo a police questioning on Friday with the police attempting to ascertain whether he knew the girls were underage. Golan was also confronted with a media personality whose name has not been cleared for publication, but is also involved.

Meanwhile, the story which has been topping Israeli headlines over recent days has also managed to garner some international attention.

The Irish Times wrote about the "Israeli star detained on suspicion of statutory rape of underage girls and soft drug use with minors."

Acording to the paper, Golan is "Israel’s most popular rock singer" and is a "singer of Yemenite and Moroccan Jewish origins who sings in the Mizrahi eastern style."

"Israeli Pop Star at Center of Sex Scandal," screamed the Hollywood Reporter's headline

"Reportedly, Golan was at the center of a ring that included his father, manager and other associates who scouted teenage female fans during concerts for post-show hotel room excursions, which included sex and drug consumption," the paper summarized.

Regarding the gag-order that had Israeli media twisting and turning not to mention Golan directly but still offer extensive coverage of what has been called “the famous singer and the underage sex affair,” the Reporter wrote, "Word of the scandal already broke in Israel almost a week ago, but came with a gag order on Golan’s name. However, his identity was known to most Israelis almost instantly, whether through a simple process of elimination or online word of mouth."

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