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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Camp Dora Golding Sex Assault July 2013

Chisdai Ben Porat

Unfortunately the sex assault case that happened this past summer July 2013 in camp Dora Golding by counselor Chisdai Ben Porat was true.

Mr. Alex Gold tried to cover up the story. Watch this video with your own eyes and see for yourself the truth.

This is just a small clip of the sex assault because involved is pornographic scenes and under age sex.

Update: 11/27/2013

We apologize that we had to come to a point to show the horrible video which took place unfortunately at Camp Dora Golding.

At this time the video has been removed because the purpose has been served.

The D.A. had the full video within the three weeks of the incident and still has not notified the parents of the victims.

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