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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Crown Heights - Teen Released To Mother’s Custody After Being Charged In Alleged ‘Knockout’ Attack

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A 13-year-old boy has been released into his mother’s custody after being charged in connection with an attack on a 12-year-old Brooklyn boy.

The 12-year-old Yeshiva student believes he was a victim of the so-called “knockout game,” a violent phenomenon sweeping the country in which youths sucker-punch unsuspecting strangers for kicks.

“I was punched and knocked to the ground,” said the boy, who did not want to be identified.

The boy’s father said that after his son was randomly hit by a group of teenagers, one gave “a hysterical, happy shout: ‘We got him.’”

The attack happened on Nov. 6 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn where police are investigating at least eight other possible “knockout game” assaults.

On Monday in Canarsie, a 72-year-old grandmother was punched in the head. Like other alleged ”knockout” victims, she was not robbed, but left on the street bleeding and injured.

Community activists and politicians are urging everyone from police to the White House to take the “knockout” game seriously.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said his officers are trying to stay ahead of the increasingly popular and extremely dangerous so-called “game.”

“We’re concerned about it because the public is concerned about it,” he said.

According to a news release by the Jewish Future Alliance, the 13-year-old denies that he was playing the “knockout game.”

The teen was arrested Monday after being taken to the 71st Precinct in Crown Heights by his mother. He was charged with assault and aggravated harassment and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

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