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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jon Voight: Nuclear agreement with Iran is ‘a rotten deal’

NEW YORK – Jon Voight, a longtime vocal Hollywood Republican, said he has some concerns about the Obama administration’s recent nuclear deal with Iran.

“We had a socialist president—a socialist representative in France—say it was a rotten deal, so, you know, you figure it out. Who do I believe? Who do you believe?” he told FOX411, adding that the deal was particularly concerning for Israel advocates.

“Right now in the news, there is stuff that makes us very fearful about the fate of Israel,” he said.

“Those of us who love Israel, as I do… we know a little bit about nuclear disasters so we’re very, very concerned.”

Voight spoke about the President and his latest headline-making decision at a gala event for the Chabad Children of Chernobyl, an organization which takes children out of the radiation-ridden environment site of the April 1986 nuclear accident and permanently relocates them to Israel.

“This organization is an amazing organization because it started many years ago with the Chernobyl disaster,” Voight raved. “[Chabad Children of Chernobyl] has taken young children out of the Chernobyl area from the pollution that was making them all very, very sick—all sorts of different diseases and things were created by this radiation—and gotten them help [by moving them] to Israel.”

Voight said he got involved with the organization after a trip to Russia in the early ‘90s. His connection to the Jewish non-profit isn’t surprising, as he has long been a supporter of Israel and the Jewish cause.

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