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Friday, October 11, 2013

NY - Rabbi In Divorce Sting Featured In 2011 Documentary On Jewish 'Gets'

Brooklyn, NY - A 2011 documentary on Jewish divorce features Rabbi Mendel Epstein discussing his unique abilities in handling “gets” and other issues related to Jewish marriage.

The Journal News reports that Epstein speaks openly about his ability to possibly accomplish things the law, and more pointedly the FBI, cannot.

Speaking about a woman who contacted him about finding her son, Epstein says, “Her son was kidnapped off a bus in Texas, and that she had heard that I have an ability to do things that are outside the normal parameters, the normal channels, and if I could help her find her son, and if I could help her get a ‘get’.”

 “I told her, I don’t know who told her that, but she should first call the FBI, and if the FBI comes out that they cannot help her I would then be a little bit interested to see what I could possibly do,” Epstein says.

The clip is taken from the documentary “Women Unchained,” co-produced by Leta Lenik and Beverly S

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