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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Simeon Osen, Gets No-Prison Sentence For Sexually Abusing A Girl

Simeon Osen

The family and friends of a girl who was sexually abused have spoken of their disbelief and disgust that the paedophile who abused her has walked free from court.

Simeon Osen, 52, from Chigwell in Essex, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual activity with the girl, as well as three counts of making indecent photographs of a child and two counts of possession of extreme pornography.

He was sentenced to an eight-month suspended sentence at Harrow Crown Court, north London, this week.
The girl and her family, cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Osen, a former company director, received credit in sentencing for admitting to the abuse when confronted about it and pleading guilty.

The sentence requires him to wear a tag and abide by a curfew. He is also on the sex offenders register.
The victim’s aunt attacked the decision not to send Osen to prison.

“What kind of example does that set and what does that say to my niece who’s been to hell and back?” She said her niece, who still has flashbacks, is “distraught”.

Osen was formerly the chief executive of concrete company Ronacrete, which is still run by his family, and he is a key supporter of Chabad Lubavitch in Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

The victim’s aunt said: “This is a man who goes to synagogue every week, his parents donated most of the money for Chigwell and Hainault Shul.”

A friend of his family, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s disgusting — he should have been given a custodial sentence. He’s been deceiving people, he’s evil.”

The day after the sentencing, another convicted paedophile, Neil Wilson, who had pleaded guilty to similar charges to Osen, had his sentence changed by the Attorney General from a suspended sentence to a two-year jail sentence.

The victim’s aunt said: “The change in Neil Wilson’s sentence has given us hope. We’re going to look into the process that was used in his case to see if anything can be done.”

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  1. I am a relative of this disgusting man and have now cut myself off from the whole family (apart from my immediate family). The terrible thing about Simeon Osen is that he is disguised as an honorable, charming and wonderful human being. He was well respected, loved and adored by all who knew him. He built up close relationships with unsuspecting victims, in my opinion to get close to their daughters. Thank Hashem, my daughters were spared as I know how to keep them safe. Underneath it all, unbeknownst to us all, he is this monster who preys on children, babies, innocent beautiful darlings who should have a childhood free from these horrors. In my opinion, this is what makes this case even worse. Unfortunately, the judge of his case didn't agree. In fact, it was Simeon's previous good character that enabled him to walk free. I repeat, his previous good character is what makes this case even more horrific.How can we trust anyone? Unfortunately, Simeon knew that I was the victim of a horrific and traumatic childhood riddled with horrific sexual abuse and I was so horrified to learn that this man who had loved me, supported me and helped me through my problems was worse than my own perpetrators.

    Now onto Chabad. Chabad Buckhurst Hill are victims just as I am. The wool was pulled over their eyes too. Simeon was loved and respected in the community and was given several honors. They had no idea of his crimes. I can confirm that I sent the Rabbi an email upon the sentencing of Osen and he confirmed that 'As soon as the allegations became clear, Simeon was stopped from coming to our Shul and has not been to any service or event since this action was taken.'
    What their own thoughts of Mr Osen are we cannot know but the children of the community are being kept safe and as the key members of the community are young parents, one would assume that they are as disgusted as they should be.

    Lastly I do truly believe that this is not the end for Osen. He has far from walked free. His life is as good as over. He cannot be in a relationship again, he will find any career very difficult to sustain and he is hated by so many. I believe that he will get his sentence in the future, in whatever form that will take.
    ANy further questions feel free to email me.