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Friday, December 27, 2013

Brooklyn DA-elect Ken Thompson asks Hynes staff to replace private toilet seat

Brooklyn, NY - In his efforts to completely flush out the Hynes’ administration, the transition team boss for incoming Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson has asked that a new toilet seat be installed in Hynes’ private bathroom.

THE NEW YORK POST  reports that, according to a source close to Hynes, Thompson’s transition boss, Arnie Kriss, made the request at meeting last week between transition teams.

The source said, “Kriss said Thompson wants a new toilet seat installed in the DA’s private bathroom because he doesn’t want to sit on the same toilet seat Hynes sat on.”

Confirming Thompson’s request, another source said, “As he’s ascending to the throne, he wants to make sure it’s his throne.”

A spokesman for Thompson, James Freedland, called the report “nontroversy.”

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