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Monday, November 11, 2013

Williamsburg - 4 Dead in Triple Murder-Suicide

NEW YORK - Four people are dead, including the gunman, and one wounded in what is believed to be a triple murder-suicide in Brooklyn early Monday.

The shots rang out inside 318 Maujer Street in East Williamsburg just after midnight.

Police confirm that all those involved are adult males. The surviving victim was shot in the arm and taken to a local hospital, where he is expected to survive.

It appears at this time all victims knew each other, and authorities are looking into whether this may have been the result of some type of prior dispute. 

They are investigating a possible link to a music band, and they believe the three fatalities were all members of the same group. The shooter may have been a former member.

Police were called to the scene for reports of shots fired.

When they arrived, they entered the townhouse and reportedly heard more shots fired inside the house.

Authorities say officers did not discharge their weapons.

The victims were found on the second and third floors. The shooter was discovered on the roof.

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