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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Monroe Free Library bans residents from Kiryas Joel for allegedly not paying taxes

MONROE - The Monroe Free Library is now excluding residents of the community of Kiryas Joel. Library officials say that anyone is welcome to the library, but they won't be able to take out books.

The library says it's not a religious issue, but rather a financial one. According to the library, Kiryas Joel has not paid taxes toward the library since 2005 as part of an agreement that would let them build their own library.

Under a state agreement, people with a Kiryas Joel address no longer have borrowing privileges, although they can still use the resources inside the library.

Critics had planned a sit-in protest at the library, but they were a no-show. News 12 reached out to the mayor of Kiryas Joel for comment, but the calls were not returned.

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