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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Joint Press Release UJcare & Federation of Tenants Councils On Williamsburg Shooting This Past Shabbos

The following is an unedited statement from UJcare (representing Satmar Aronies):

Here we go again, A Williamsburg Chassidic resident was shot Friday night on an attempt of a hold-up by a thug who came to visit from Staten Island, not aware that Jewish people don’t carry any money on Friday night -Saturday, the victim was transferred to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition, was treated for the injuries and is now in stable condition.

“Many many months in the past we have asked why NYCHA and its chairman John Rhea keeps on dumping all criminal elements into the developments here in Williamsburg. Back in 2011 drugs were sold in these developments more then at Wallgreens and hasn’t stopped”. Said Gary Schlesinger, Executive Board Chairman of UJcare, a leading organization for the residents of Williamsburg.

“Crime increase in the NYCHA developments can’t and won’t be solved by installing CC camera’s while at the same time NYCHA and the taxpayer substitute and house the criminal element, putting the lives of our children in danger, Schlesinger said

On behalf of the Federation of Tenants Council of Williamsburg the following is Tenants leaders statement:

“Shame on this elected officials who always find it important to hold press conferences after, mezuzah burnings, after a tragic car accident, after the current shooting ( five in the past year) but are never there to address to deter crime or having more police officers on the beat”. Said Isaac Abraham, a community leader and president of Clemente Plaza, (across the street from the shooting). “The 90 Pct. Community Affairs just doesn’t exist, during the course of the High Holly days, not a single officer was seen in the entire area, kind of wonder where they were located and what the Commissioners Holiday meeting was all about”. Continued Mr. Abraham. “the elected officials especially Councilman Levin use the community leaders as their pawns for his own publicity, he is part of the problem”.

“With all the drugs being sold in Taylor Whyte development, all the criminal elements being stored in this development for the last five years, no cops are seen roaming the buildings, we just had another shooting from a window at 125 Taylor St. and no one was apprehended, because no one cares”. said Andrew Gross, President of the Tenant Association, “The elected officials nor PD’s Community Affairs have ever met with the tenants association not here, Bedford Gardens or Clemente Plaza, all they can do is hold press conferences, shame on them”.

“The Police departments reports are contradicting to the many calls put out by Shomrim on a daily basis that’s the first problem, the shooting of a person on South 9th just weeks ago, bikes stolen, car windows smashed every weekend, quality of life totally ignored by Community Affairs”. Said Joe Green, President of Bedford Gardens Development, “that Shomrim is doing a good job should in no way stop the police from doing theirs, but it does, PD has taken a “response” policy just as the fire department, there is no longer a policy to deter crime”.

“The elected officials have absolutely no knowledge or pulse of the crime in the community and neither does the 90 Pct.”. continued Mr. Green, Shame on them for using the press for their own publicity”.

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