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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Genevieve Sabourin, Alec Baldwin’s ‘stalker’ gets 30 days jail for court outbursts

Genevieve Sabourin

The flaky French-Canadian woman accused of stalking Alec Baldwin was found in contempt of court Wednesday and sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Genevieve Sabourin, 41, repeatedly interrupted her trial in Manhattan Criminal Court Tuesday despite warnings from frustrated Judge Robert Mandelbaum – and continued her disruptive behavior today.

“I can’t hear the attorneys. I can’t hear anyone speaking. I have warned you repeatedly. You have made it impossible for the court to proceed and for the proceedings to occur appropriately,” Mandlebaum scolded Sabourin as she continued with her outbursts.

As Wednesday’s proceedings opened, Sabourin kept interrupting as Mandlebaum was speaking to her lawyer Todd Spodek.

Mandelbaum first warned her that she would be held in contempt and jailed if she didn’t shut up.

But Sabourin, 41, defiantly replied: “I’m used to it. I’ve been in contempt for two years.“

Spodek then tried to continue but Sabourin kept up her running commentary, and an angry Mandlebaum followed through on his threat.

The accused stalker then started sobbing uncontrollably at the defense table before launching into a bizarre rant about having “no family and no friends.”

Despite the contempt order and sentence, which begins immediately, the trial was expected to proceed with Sabourin scheduled to testify in her own defense.

The judge also ruled that Spodek could call Hollywood producer Martin Bregman as a defense witness.

Bregman on Tuesday said Baldwin was lying when he testified that Bregman had an affair with Sabourin.

Baldwin, 55, had testified Tuesday that he only had dinner with Sabourin to offer her career advice as a favor to Bregman, the producer of hit flicks such as “Scarface” and “Dog Day Afternoon.”

After that meeting, he said she bombarded him with scores of increasingly creepy emails and phone calls – and then showed up at his East Hampton pad in March 2012.

“I told my wife not to come to the door. I didn’t know if she had a gun or a weapon, and I called the police,” he said, choking up and appearing to wipe a tear from his eye.

“Why is he crying?” Sabourin heckled from her seat at the defense table — one of a stream of outbursts throughout the day.

When Baldwin testified that he deleted many of her e-mails, Sabourin shouted: “You delete women after sex!”

Baldwin called the experience “nightmarish” and “like something out of Hitchcock.”

“You’re lying! Why are you lying?” the incensed Sabourin shouted. “That’s not true!”

Under cross-examination by Spodek, Baldwin denied that he had sex with Sabourin , sending the fired-up blonde into another rage.

“You have a scar here!” Sabourin shouted, pointing to her hip as Mandelbaum ordered her to pipe down.

When the judge threatened to hold her in contempt, she fumed: “I got to prove that I had a sexual relationship! I didn’t do anything wrong. He’s lying to you, your honor!”

Sabourin — who was arrested outside Baldwin’s East 10th Street penthouse in April 2012 — insists she and the actor had a romantic relationship that started with a 2010 dinner date at Elio’s followed by a sex romp at the Lowell Hotel.

Baldwin said he took Sabourin, whom he first met on a film set in 2000, to dinner at the request of producer Martin Bregman, because she was the aging Hollywood honcho’s mistress.

“Marty called me, told me he needed my help . . . [He] was ending his relationship with her,” Baldwin said. “He wanted to help get her a job. She wanted to be an actress.”

But Bregman, 87, told The Post’s Andrea Peyser the former “30 Rock” star turned MSNBC host was lying.

“Why did he do this? I’ll tell you why – because he was doing two women at the same time,” bregman said, referring to Sabourin and Baldwin’s now-wife Hilaria.

The onslaught of ominous calls and e-mails started soon after the meeting, said Baldwin, who claimed he initially responded to the contacts but stopped in February 2011.

But during cross-examination, Baldwin was forced to admit that he continued exchanging e-mails with Sabourin into 2012.

“I was trying to encourage her to move on,” Baldwin said.

Spodek also referred to an e-mail Baldwin sent her in January 2012 about a trip to Europe she was planning with another man — in which he urged her to make sure she had protected sex.

Spodek asked if this advice was personal or professional.

“This was personal,” Baldwin admitted, prompting another outburst from Sabourin.

“Like the sex we had!” she shouted.

In the e-mails, Sabourin p insisted she — not Hilaria — was the only woman who could make Baldwin happy.

Hilaria also took the stand, and said Baldwin told her all about Sabourin from the get-go, describing their relationship as “purely professional.”

Hilaria also said Sabourin once called and threatened her.

“She started shrieking at me: ‘You bitch, you bitch, you bitch!’ ”

“I never spoke with you and you know it!” Sabourin bellowed from her seat. “You’re going to go to hell!”

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