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Friday, November 15, 2013

Baltimore - Orthodox Jew Files Suit Against Education Board; Says Anti-Semitism Forced Early Retirment

Baltimore, MD - A renown Orthodox Jewish high school mathematics teacher from Baltimore has filed suit against the Baltimore County Board of Education claiming that anti-Semitic behavior by his evaluators forced him to retire early.

Baltimore Jewish Times reports that 66 year-old Dr. Bert Miller, an acclaimed teacher with over 4 decades of service, says he retired “under protest” over his impending termination, but that recent revelations that have a surfaced through depositions expose a pattern of anti-Semitic behavior by administrators, including one immediate supervisor who routinely referred to him as a “dirty, smelly, Jew.”

“It was a conspiracy, there’s no question,” Miller said, about the systematic conduct that drove him out.
Miller’s suit also states egregious conduct by the same administrator in his attempt oust him, including penalizing him for being absent on major Jewish holidays, bribing school athletes in order to get their parents to file complaints against him, and leaving a lemon with pins stuck in it on his keyboard-a bad luck curse often linked to witchcraft.

Miller also claims that the school violated state procedural laws by not granting him his third-level appeal after his termination.

Kevin Joyce, Miller’s attorney, said he agreed with Miller’s claim that anti-Semitism has played a major role in his dismissal.

“From Dr. Miller’s perspective, it’s appalling and I’m inclined to agree with him. ‘Dirty, smelly Jew’-there’s no other way to interpret that,” said Joyce. We’re confident that if an appeal does take place, [anti-Semitism] will be part of an appeal, and I’m confident we’ll win.”

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