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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

White House adviser tweets n-word

t's been dubbed the 'most unfortunate typo ever.'

Senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer sparked outrage on Twitter today after he accidentally wrote the n-word instead of 'bigger' in a tweet.

Pfeiffer was responding to a post from Johnathon Martin early Tuesday morning when he tweeted: '@jmartNYT also a much [n-word] factor on the right.'

Pfeiffer apologized soon after, clarifying that the racial slur was obviously 'a horrendous typo' but it was too late, the Twitter universe had already taken aim.

Just four minutes after he clicked post, Twitter user Elise Foley tweeted: 'Dan Pfeiffer, check your Twitter' and Miss Laura declared to the Twittersphere the mistake was 'the most unfortunate typo ever.'

Cuffe tweeted: 'Umm, what??,' and Alex Parker declared: 'Woah dude might want to delete this tweet fast.'

Unfortunately for Pfeiffer, deleting isn't an option, given tweets from the official White House Twitter account are archived.

Then users started suggesting auto-correct didn't pick up the mistake because Pfeiffer uses the offensive term regularly.

RB tweeted: 'Better explanation: @Pfeiffer44 meant to write "bigger" but because he uses the n-word so much, his phone auto-corrected to the n-word.'

Geoff Hamby added: 'So @pfeiffer44 is accidentally tweeting out the "N-word" huh? Funny thing about auto-correct is it only substitutes commonly used words.'

Jonathan Martin's original post, which Pfeiffer was trying to answer, read: 'Glad @NBCFirstRead acknowledged a major factor in polarization: how Amers get information, rise of Internet/cable.'

In response, Pfeiffer wrote: '@jmartNYT @NBCFirstRead it's a very smart point and massive factor in political polarization.'

Then he followed up with the headache-inducing post, hitting the 'n' key instead of the 'b.'

No doubt Pfeiffer will be proof reading his tweets from now on.

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