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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Faivish Pewzner, Americare boss loved hookers, drugs and gambling, according to ex-employee Mendel Cohen suit

 Faivish Pewzner

An ex-employee of a Brooklyn health care company says he was sexually harassed and abused by a top male executive who is an Orthodox Jew but leads a double-life as a pot-smoking, hooker-happy, casino high roller, according to a lawsuit.

Mendel Cohen was once a $95,000-a-year supervisor of patient relations at Americare until he was fired allegedly for complaining about the abuse he was subjected to by the chief operating officer, Faivish Pewzner, a married father of five.

Cohen’s suit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, is filled with sordid allegations that stand in stark contrast to Pewzner’s public reputation as a charitable pillar of the Jewish community.

“Plaintiff was the victim of repeated harassment and assault at the hands of Pewzner, a pervert who used his position at Americare to harass and intimidate its employees,” the complaint contends.

Cohen accompanied Pewzner, 57, on road trips to Atlantic City where the company executive “binged on gambling, illegal drugs and illicit sex,” according to the complaint.

In the summer of 2008, Pewzner allegedly asked Cohen to arrange for female escorts to come to his “high-roller” suite at the Borgata for a sexual tryst and again during a three-day trip in December 2008, the suit says.

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