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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mojtaba Ahmadi, Iranian cyber warfare commander, shot dead

New Delhi: Mojtaba Ahmadi, commander of Iran's Cyber War Headquarters, has been shot dead in a suspected assassination. Reports claimed that Ahmadi was found dead in near the town of Karaj, north-west of the capital, Tehran. 

Israel's external intelligence agency, the Mossad, has been accused of carrying out this assassination. Iran is the past has also accused Israel of carrying out assassinations of scientists who were working for Tehran's nuclear program. 

Citing Alborz, a website linked to the Revolutionary Guard Corps, The Telegraph reported, "Ahmadi was last seen leaving his home for work on Saturday. He was later found with two bullets in the heart."

Quoting an eyewitness, the website further reported, "I could see two bullet wounds on his body and the extent of his injuries indicated that he had been assassinated from a close range with a pistol.

" Mojtaba Ahmadi's demise was later confirmed by the Facebook page of the officers of the Cyber War Headquarters. Since 2007, 5 Iranian nuclear scientists and the head of the country's ballistic missile programme have been reportedly assassinated in Iran.

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