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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Israel - 3rd earthquake in 4 days hits north

An earthquake hit northern Israel on Sunday at 11:50 am, the third one in four days.

The director of the Geophysical Institute, Dr. Uri Frieslander, stated that the 3.6 magnitude quake's center was about five kilometers north-east of Ginosar, near Lake Kinneret. Residents of the area reported the quake was easily felt in Tiberias and Safed.

Dozens of distraught citizens wrote Ynet, describing how objects shook in their homes. "I felt like someone was pushing me off the chair," Noa Boganim from Tiberias recounted.

"The ground shook again in Tiberias, third time since Thursday. Does this portend anything? This time it was at least five seconds and very much felt," Yael Zivan wrote.

Moti Leon, a resident of Carmiel, wrote: "The quake was light, the house moved and the tables really moved." Heli wrote: "The quake was felt for three or four seconds, let's hope we'll have a quiet week."

Michael from Tiberias recounted: "I felt as if I was dizzy, the computer screen fell down."

Avigail Aharon, also from Tiberias, said her daughter came to her and told her the TV is shaking. "It's unpleasant here lately, since Thursday there have been several quakes. I'm at the third floor, and when my kid ran to me and hugged her and told her we'll look for a strategic place for next time. 

The joke around town is that you should sleep with sausages in our pockets so that the rescue dogs will find you."

On Saturday a 3.6 magnitude earthquake was felt in the same area. No casualties or damage were reported.

On Thursday another earthquake of a 3.5 magnitude was felt, centering in Lake Kinneret.

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