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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who rules the streets of New York?

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - Who rules the streets? Some are beginning to wonder after a rash of incidents in the city organized by flash mobs.

You can find all types of vehicles making their way around Manhattan. Last weekend, more than a thousand skate boarders cruised city streets in the annual Broadway Bomb. Hundreds of bikers could be seen in the road rage video that went viral a few weeks ago.

Security expert Jonathan Gilliam told Fox 5 it is creating a safety hazard.

Police say they've taken action to stop the rush of bikers and boarders that show up once the call goes out on social media. But confiscating motorcycles and issuing summonses doesn't seem to be deterring the action.

One flash mob even took over an underground section of a city bridge for a party.

While these incidents gain a lot of attention, an organic food delivery man told us the color yellow -- meaning city cabs -- makes him see red. And he's not alone.

The nypd says officers have confiscated well over a thousand motorcycles and have police monitoring social media so they can be prepared for any large events that pop up.

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