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Sunday, October 13, 2013

NYPD Investigate Vandalism In Queens Neighborhood As Possible Hate Crime

Police are investigating after several cars in Queens were found vandalized in what authorities are calling a possible hate crime. NY1's Steve Kastenbaum filed the following report.

Police say at least 16 cars and one garage were covered in graffiti. Some had swastikas painted on them. Others were marked by a circle with a cross through it. The symbol of hate was spread out over several blocks along Little Neck Parkway near the Nassau County border.

When Daljit Kaur woke up Friday morning, she found a swastika on the side of her car.

"I was leaving early in the morning dropping my kids off to the school. When I went to my vehicle, I saw a little symbol on my car. I thought that it's just my car, but when I looked around, all the vehicles around the block had it. So we called the cops early in the morning. They came over, they checked everything," she said. "It's really disturbing. I'm very upset about this."

Kaur said the neighborhood is a nice neighborhood and nothing unusual ever happens there.

What's so puzzling to folks in the community is the anti-Semitic symbol was spray-painted in an area that is not predominantly Jewish.

"Everybody goes into the same stores, knows each other, everybody on a first-name basis," said Blaise Christoforatos, a neighborhood resident. "This is not somebody from the neighborhood, I don't believe."

"It's racially mixed," said state Senator Tony Avella of Queens. "It's South Asian, Catholic, Jewish. It's almost every religious or racial community you could think of lives here, and they all get along. So that's what's surprising, that something like this would happen in this very quiet residential community."

Crime scene detectives poured over every inch of the nearby streets looking for evidence that might lead to the person or people who committed this hate crime. Because this area is so diverse, local residents want to believe it was someone from outside the neighborhood.


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