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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Judy Rapfogel Questioned In Met Council Probe: Report

New York, NY - As the investigation into former Met Council head William Rapfogel deepens, new questions have arisen pertaining to automobile insurance payments made by his wife’s failed 1997 City Council campaign.

THE NEW YORK TIMES reports that, in question, are seemingly inflated auto insurance payments, paid for by the 1997 campaign of Judy Rapfogel, to the same insurance company, Century Coverage Corporation, that is at the heart of the insurance-bilking scam allegedly perpetrated by William Rapfogel and two co-conspirators.

The criminal complaint against Rapfogel and his co-conspirators—-later leveled to be Rabbi David Cohen, who preceded Rapfogel as head of Met Council, and Joseph Ross, owner of Century Coverage Corporation—-states that the scam dates back more than 20 years.

Records from 1997 show that Judy Rapfogel’s campaign rented two vehicles for $3,100, while paying $8,008 to Century Coverage to insure the vehicles, making Century Coverage the campaign’s 4th largest vendor, behind only vendors who handled printing and catering needs.

According to computerized records, Judy Rapfogel is the only state or city candidate to ever use Century Coverage to insure rented vehicles.

Judy Rapfogel, longtime chief of staff to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, has maintained throughout that she had no knowledge of her husband’s criminal activity.

Meanwhile, the NY Daily News is reporting today that Judy Rapfogel has hired a lawyer in connection with her husband’s criminal case.

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