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Thursday, October 3, 2013

David Mimran, fled NY for Europe with Victoria's Secret model wife owing $7m divorce payout to mother of his three sons

                               David Mimran and his model wife Julie Ordon

A Victoria's Secret model's sugar heir husband fled the United States for Europe last year, allegedly skipping out on a $7 million divorce settlement to the mother of his three children and $250,000 in unpaid rent and damages from a Soho loft he is accused of trashing.

David Mimran, 46, a fledgling movie producer and son of sugar billionaire Jean-Claude Mimran, owes his first wife Lucy, a retired fashion model, half of their marital property, according to legal documents.

The 41-year-old met Mimran in Puerto Rico when she was only 18 and the couple were married for more than 20 years, having three boys who are now aged 20, 17 and 16.

According to the New York Post, the $7.4 million divorce settlement includes proceeds from the sale of a $23 million yacht called 'Malibu,' a $25 million Central Park West apartment designed by Philippe Stark and investments in a Cayman Islands company.

After fighting for equal custody of his children, Mimran left his sons in New York and moved to Switzerland with new wife Julie Ordon and their daughter Mathilda, the newspaper reported.

In a telephone interview with the Post, Ordon this week said she left Manhattan because she wanted her children to grow up in skiing and lounging by the lakes in her native Switzerland.

But Lucy Mimran said she will pursue her ex overseas for the payment he still owes.

Jean-Claude Mimran is worth over $2 billion largely from his ownership of West Africa’s largest sugar refinery. He also used to own Lamborghini and recently opened a super-luxury resort in the Swiss Alps dubbed the Billionaire's playground.

David Mimran's father and grandmother bankrolled his extravagant lifestyle with over $30 million in loans and gifts until she passed away and Jean-Claude Mimran cut him off in 2010, court papers reveal.

Mimran tried but failed at numerous business ventures funded by the family and is now being propped up by the Victoria's Secret model and family friends, the Post reports.

He has claimed poverty to a Manhattan divorce judge, but the judge didn't buy it, ordering him to pay the mother of his children $12,000 in child support, $10,000 in alimony and a $3.7 million settlement.

Lucy Mimran then appealed, winning a $7.4 million judgment from a higher court in March. So far, Mimran has only paid $400,000. While apparently poverty-stricken, Mimran was allegedly lavishing expensive gifts on his new wife including a $30,000 Rolex and a $20,000 Chanel bag.

His own expenses included $51,500-a-month for vacations to $320,000 for a suite at Giants Stadium.
David 'continues to live a wildly extravagant lifestyle with his new family that does not reflect a diminished access to funds,' Manhattan Justice Saralee Evans wrote in the Mimran's divorce decision, the Post reported.

Mimran's attorney Bernard Clair told the Post that Lucy is also in debt to her ex and is obligated to sell approximately $5 million worth of jewelry, fine art and furniture but has refused.

But a source close to Lucy told the Post that the $5 million valuation for the shared property is grossly inflated and the goods are in fact worth no more than $600,000.

The news comes just days after it was revealed Mimran and Ordon are being sued by their landlord after allegedly trashing their $32,000-a-month Manhattan apartment and failing to pay several months' rent.

Ordon, who has also featured in Playboy and Sports Illustrated, and Mimran damaged 'exquisite and valuable antiques, furniture and equipment' in the fully-furnished three-bedroom loft apartment, according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court last week.

The landlord is suing the couple for $420,000, alleging that they failed to pay their last two months' rent at the apartment and underpaid their rent for six months prior to that.

The lawsuit adds that they also made illegal alterations to the unit before leaving in August 2012.

Joshua Price, the attorney for Allerand LLC, which owns the building, claims in court papers that the couple caused 'unspeakable damage' to the unit, the New York Daily News reported.

He claims they damaged or ruined 'furniture, electronic systems, floor coverings and fixtures, which included many antiques and collectibles'.

'It appears that the damage was was intentional or the result of gross negligence,' the suit says.

The amount he is suing for includes $137,600 in unpaid rent and late fees and interest, $96,000 in lost rent for three months it took to make repairs to the apartment, $153,291 for damage, $4,450 for missing items and $20,000 in legal fees.

Ordon, 29, is originally from Switzerland and has appeared in Cosmo, Glamour and the French versions of Elle and Playboy, as well as campaigns for Chanel, Bebe and Guess.

In October 2009, she was photographed pregnant for Vogue Germany and - just months later in 2010, she featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Mimran, who was previously married, is a Swiss-French businessman and movie producer. He signed the lease to the Greenwich Street condo in 2009 as he was going through a divorce.

When he signed the paperwork, he 'agreed to take good care of' the furnishings and 'return them without damage', documents show.

The couple did not respond to a request for comment.

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