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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Abigail Hernandez search continues in N.H.; state, local, and federal authorities participate

The community of Conway, New Hampshire held a moment of silence for missing teen Abigail Hernandez at Kennett High School's football game on Friday.

The 14-year-old disappeared on Wednesday after walking home from school.

At the football game, investigators set up of a checkpoint to inform incoming spectators of the teen's disappearance and to ask drivers if they had seen anything.

Investigators held a press conference yesterday to address Hernandez's case.

'We are here for one reason, to do whatever we can to find Abby, ' said Senior Assistant District Attorney Jane Young.

Since Wednesday, the FBI's Child Rapid Abduction Deployment team has been brough in to aid in the seach.

'We're trying to put together a timeline of when she went missing, the day before she went issnig,' Ms Young said.

Detectives believe she made it back to her home in North Conway, New Hampshire, but disappeared shortly after.

A state police search dog followed Abigail's trail. The scent trail led back to her house, but disappeared after that.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Chris Perley told the Conway Daily Sun that detectives have found no evidence that Abigail was abducted, but they also have no idea why she vanished.

Investigators have interviewed her parents and neighbors, as well as teachers and fellows students at the high school.

Her whereabouts remain unknown and police are growing concerned.

'There are no real significant clues leading us one way or another,' Lt Perley said.

Abigail is 5-foot4 and weighs 118 pounds. She is described as Hispanic with a light olive complexion, brown eyes and brown hair.

She was last seen wearing black yoga pants and a grey sweatshirt.

Anyone with information about Abigail's whereabouts should call the Conway police at 603-356-5715.

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