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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rabbi ??? 'Murder-for-insurance' plot thwarted in B'klyn

מעצרו של חיים מאיר ויזל מסיגט ע"י האף בי איי
Pic By T.O.T. Private Investigations

A Brooklyn man was charged yesterday with trying to arrange a murder to collect on the would-be victim's life-insurance policy.

Jacob Vizel, 54, was arrested by the FBI after an undercover informant secretly recorded him plotting a murder-for-hire scheme that involved poisoning a man with sleeping pills, authorities said.

When the plot was uncovered a week ago, the FBI was already probing Vizel in a $12 million mortgage fraud, officials said. Agents uncovered the murder scheme when their informant taped Vizel discussing it, the feds said.

"You invite him for a coffee together," Vizel said to the man he allegedly hoped would carry out the assassination, according to a transcript of the recording. "You can give him some tablets?"

Authorities would not discuss the amount of the policy, the relationship between the two, or why Vizel was the beneficiary.

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