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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Staten Island man accused of killing parents escapes to Israel

Eric Bellucci is suspected of killing his parents

After allegedly stabbing his parents to death, a Staten Island man has escaped to Israel, sources said.

Eric Bellucci, 30, took his parent's Honda pickup truck and drove to Newark Airport, where he boarded a flight to Israel.

Israeli cops, with help from the NYPD, are hunting him Bellucci, law enforcement sources told The Post today.

Bellucci, boarded an El Al Airlines flight at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday and landed in Tel Aviv this morning, the sources said.

"He had about a six-and-a-half hour to seven hour head start in terms of getting out of the country," a law enforcement source said.

Cops are in the process of obtaining a search warrant for Eric's pickup truck, which was left at a parking lot at Newark Airport.

Police said he remains the only suspect in the case.

His parents, Arthur Bellucci, 61, and Marion Bellucci, 56, were found dead inside their Annadale home.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters today that the bodies were found in the living room.

Bellucci's sister, Vanessa Bellucci, 25, went to her family's home on Poillon Avenue around 8 p.m. Wednesday because she had not heard from her parents in at least a day.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw blood in the vestibule and called 911. Cops found the bodies.

"It was a real mess, they were pretty torn up," said a police official. "Father was in really bad condition."

Cops recovered a bloody knife inside the home.

The devastated daughter told cops that her brother lived at the home and had at least three shotguns and a rifle, police said.

There is an extradition treaty between Israel and the United States. It also appears that Bellucci is neither Jewish nor an Israeli citizen.

According to a source, Bellucci has a friend who lives in Tel Aviv. There’s no indication the friend knew he was coming or was aware of the murders.

Last month, cops were called to the house because of Eric's erratic behavior and he had earlier been hospitalized for his mental illness. Cops were once called to his house in 2008.

Eric and his mother had operated a New Jersey home health care company called Caremates.

Vanessa, a law student, had recently moved out of the house because she was afraid of her increasingly volatile brother, a relative said.

"He was getting strange and delusional. The other night they called an ambulance for him," said Marian's brother-in-law, Joe Ciervo.

A friend of Arthur Bellucci's told reporters outside the house today that "the family has been having problems with Eric ever since he got out of college."

"Artie knew the state he was in," said the 55-year-old friend, who gave only his first name, Frank. "Anything could set him off."

"Last month or two, Artie told me he got rid of all of Eric's rifles. He turned them into the police. He said he was worried about everyone in the house," said Frank. "Artie was worried his son was going to strike one of them."

"He just felt that Eric was going to get violent. He was volatile. Anything could set him off," the friend said.

Frank said that Eric was a traveller, and he believed Eric had previously visited Israel. Frank also said Eric smoked a lot of pot, and his mother had hired him at her company in an attempt by the family "to keep him close."

"I am not surprised. If you were to tell me there was a murder on this block, I would assume it was Eric," Frank said.

A family friend, who requested anonymity, said Bellucci was a model son once.

"Everybody always thought he was the perfect child. Everybody wanted to be that smart and that athletic like Eric was.

"The only odd thing was when he got to college. It was a big adjustment. He was very unhappy and wanted to come home. It was strange, the big athlete cried a little," said the friend. "Arthur was always a demanding person. An aggressive nose to nose guy."

A neighbor of the couple, who would not give his name, said, "I just spoke to Artie the other day. He came over and asked if I needed anything. They were very nice people, always concerned.

"Eric used to park his grey truck behind my house. My grandkids played with the three of them when they were young. Growing up they respected everyone. They were nice kids."


  1. what a horrible story!!

  2. i was listening to the radio today and i heard this story but what makes me mad is that they always have to emphasize that he WENT TO ISRAEL and then they specify again to make sure you heard right?! it really annoying

  3. How sad but he is innocent until proven let's not judge him .

  4. to raizy:
    what do you think we should do buy out all radio and tv stations??? they will always find anther way

  5. how many people can get murdered in there own home it could be scary to be in own place