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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Internal Affairs Bureau looks into allegations of parking ticket fixing in the 52nd Precinct Bronx

A Bronx precinct commander is under investigation after subordinates complained he fixed parking tickets for favorites, sources said.

Internal Affairs Bureau investigators are questioning officers who handle parking tickets in the 52nd Precinct, which is run by Deputy Inspector John D'Adamo, sources said.

"The allegations were he fixed tickets for friends and family, but was a hard-ass for everyone else," said a police source familiar with the probe.

IAB officials are interviewing lower-ranking officers in the Bedford Park-Norwood stationhouse first before working their way up the chain of command, sources said.

"Whether it is true, or just griping against a new boss who demands people actually work, that remains to be seen," the source said.

D'Adamo, who has not been interviewed, could not be reached for comment. He assumed command of the precinct a year ago. The NYPD had no immediate comment.

In late September, the IAB began an audit of ticket activity in all 12 Bronx precincts, pulling all summonses going back to August 2009, sources said.

The audit was sparked by complaints in the 52nd Precinct and allegations of ticket-fixing by police union delegates in the 40th Precinct in Mott Haven, sources said.

The allegations in the 40th Precinct had surfaced during an unrelated, more serious investigation into reports of drug-dealing by a uniformed officer.

That officer, who was placed on modified duty, complained precinct cops were fixing one another's tickets.

The IAB is also scrutinizing the 45th Precinct in Throgs Neck, because so many cops and firefighters live within its boundaries, sources said.

"That's more of a fishing expedition," another source said. "But woe be it if they find a lot of tickets that somehow 'went missing' along the way."


  1. An IAB investigation?!?!?! That makes me laugh. IAB tends to 'lose' civilian complaints, doesn't respond to the public about complaints and will NEVER find a slop guilty of anything unless they are told to do ao by their superiors. NYPD is a bad bad joke and IAB is even worse. PREVENT A CRIME: LOCK UP A COP!!!

  2. What else is new??? This has been going on for many years (within every police department... in more ways than one) and will continue. The majority of law enforcement is sooooooo crooked they couldn't do the right thing if their lives depended on it!!!!!!!

  3. i am very happy that an investi8gation is going on the 52pricent has been corupt since god knows when ... in oct of 2010 i myself was falsely arrested numerouse of time claiming i sold drugs and in reality, all mr. trujillo wanted was for me to be a snitch for 500 dollars a month.. i was found not guilty of my charges. and now i am going thru so much to get my children back everything that u enjoy with ur children i cant do with mine until god knows when because mr, trujillo and his team hurt me and my family i have all my papers where my cases were close ... i think u should really do an investigation on them and save alot of people this pain that i am under...i am not finished with the 52 yet..JUSTICE WILL BE SERVE MR. MARC TRUJILLO..and his wolverins...