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Friday, October 29, 2010

Wrong way driver on I-95 near Philly

PHILADELPHIA - A motorist caught a driver driving the wrong way on the I-95 in Philadelphia causing four accidents.

It is jarring to watch as the driver, only identified as an older woman may not have even have realized she was going north in one of the southbound lanes on I-95.

Tim Flemming caught the entire incident with cell phone video.

"It was crazy, man, I thought I was going to see people die, I seriously thought I was going to see people die," said Tim Fleming.

Cars zipped past, barely missing her in what would have been a horrendous collision.

At one point the woman clipped the guardrail, but just kept driving, never hitting anyone, but leaving a trail of at least four accidents in her wake as motorists swerved to avoid her.

"I saw cars swerving around her, she wouldn't stop and I yelled at her again I waved my arm at her again. She waved at me leave me alone," Fleming said.

Flemming was certain this was going to end horribly, but it really didn't. At some point south of Philadelphia, the woman got off the freeway and continued on her way.

She gave others nightmares, but may not even have been aware herself what was going on.

Police are still looking for the older model Buick station wagon, blue or possibly silver in color with wood paneling.

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