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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fire In Kiryas Joel Synagogue Thought To Be Arson

Kiryas Yoel - KJFD and Fire Departments from surrounding areas responded earlier this morning to a fire in the basement of the Satmar synagogue on Garfield Road.

The fire originated in the laundry room of the 100X150 four story synagogue at 9 Garfield Road spreading to 3 rooms and filling the building with smoke before it was contained.

Fire Departments from Monroe, Harriman, Washingtonville, Cornwall-On-Hudson and Kiryas Joel Hatzolah all responded. Orange and Rockland utility was requested to cut the power
I'm told the fire department believes the fire to be arson, although I do not have confirmation of this yet.

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  1. as rummers go around the fire was intent to bring down the BNEI YOEL SHUL (the rebetzens shul ) which is above the mikva .will have to try again