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Saturday, October 23, 2010

NY Man Arrested After Voicing Desire To Kill President Bush

GREECE, N.Y. - A suburban Rochester man faces charges after telling the Secret Service of a desire to kill former President George W. Bush.

Ian Rotunno was detained Oct. 7 after he abruptly left his job and told a coworker that he was headed to Washington D.C. with his shotgun.

Authorities said when agents phoned Rotunno about the remark, he was already in his car armed with the gun, knives, a bat and handcuffs.

He never made it to Washington. After talking to agents, he drove to a police station in Owego.

Secret Service agents say that in subsequent interviews in recent days, Rotunno said he planned to fire the gun into the reflecting pool on the National Mall, but also spoke of wanting to kill Bush with his bare hands.

A woman who identified herself as Rotunno's grandmother told the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper that Rotunno may have "a mental issue."

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  1. "Mental issue" is an understatement. He wanted to go to D.C. just to fire a gun into the reflecting pool on the National Mall? Wackjobs like Rotunno should just put a gun to their heads and take themselves out of the gene pool. Sheesh.